Top 3 Samsung 4k TVs for This Summer

When it comes to enjoying the high quality viewing experience on television, then products from Samsung are the best options to choose from. Samsung,is known for its quality and innovation offers variety of TVs of different series. Samsung has captured the television market with its innovative yet reasonably priced televisions. Samsung has introduced 4K TV with ultra HD technology which is now capturing market. The top 3 Samsung 4K TVs are much popular in market.

Before covering the top 3 4K TVs by the company, let us understand what 4K technology is. 4K Ultra HD TVs deliver four times better picture quality than normal HD TV. It displays a picture quality with 3840×2160 pixels. The image clarity that is offers is more fine detailed, greater textured and almost photographic emulsion of smoothness. The price range of 4K ultra HD TV at the time of launch was so high but now with the decrease in screen size and after understanding the market potential the rates have gone down.

The top 3 Samsung 4K TV are as follows; Samsung UN65HU9000, Samsung UN65HU8550, and Samsung UN65HU8500.


1st 4K TV: Samsung UN65HU9000

This 65-inch 4K TV is best rated TV now a days. Discover the ultimate viewing experience with this curved ultra HD TV. The incredible picture display quality, UHD upscaling, UHD Dimming, Auto depth enhancer, wide color enhancer plus and other features makes it exclusive and best. The upgraded refresh rate, a quad core processor and best-in-class connectivity are well enough to enjoy the movies, shows and others.

2nd 4K TV: Samsung UN65HU8550

This flat 65 inch ultra HD set is slightly different from U9000 model. Enjoy any movie or show that’s more lifelike than ever with Samsung Smart UHD. It delivers flawless picture, UHD upscaling, good black levels, option of watching 3D content as well as motion rate *240 with wide colour enhancer plus. The price of this 4K UHD TV is lesser than U9000 model due to its flat screen but the quality has not been compromised. You can easily control this TV with voice interaction. This model is considered to be best to buy.


3rd 4K TV: Samsung UN65HU85000

Measuring 65 inches this Ultra HD TV offers stunning visuals unlike any other TV of any other company in this range. Its curved panel, connections with more than 4K speed will leave you breathless and makes viewing experience more interactive. Full HD with upscaling, colour enhancer, clear motion rate 1200, future proof HDMI 2.0, active 3D playback and much more features are available in this UHD set.

All these top 3 Samsung 4K TVs are Energy Star compliant TV which are 14% more energy efficient than others. The gorgeous TVs with best, clear and crisp picture quality are the pick of the day. With these 4K TVs, you can have a very good cinematic experience at your home. The high pixels here produce texture with more subtle details in picture. The clarity they offer will bring you close to nature that you think you are watching it live.

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